Air Force Blaster Master Blaster Motorcycle Dryer

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Air Force Blaster Master Blaster Motorcycle Dryer


8hp dryer unit on wheels with 12 ft. grounded cord. Five different nozzles enable users to position air flow where desired and eliminate water spots.

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  • All steel construction

  • 10 ft. heavy-duty hose, heavy-duty NeopreneĀ® blower nozzle, air concentrator

  • Two twin-fan 4hp motors for a total of 8hp that deliver up to 58,500 fpm of clean, filtered, warm air

  • Two switches allow users to set the air flow and temperature at three different levels

  • Use either motor independently or both simultaneously for maximum power

  • Air stream tool, microadaptor, 1-1/4 in. adaptor and easy change foam filter

  • Great for water-traps

  • One-year manufacturer's warranty

P/N 496671