Performance Packages for Harley Davidsons

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we have completed numerous engine builds from the mild to the wild. Typically these performance configurations fall into 4 categories.  

Below we have listed them and included a close estimate on the cost. Obviously these numbers can change depending on your specific application.

Stage 1 let it breathe: $1250 Performance Air Cleaner-Performance Exhaust-Power Vision License and full Dyno Tune.

The Stage one package includes either a Crusher Street Sleeper 3 or S&S Stealth Intake system-Slip on Mufflers-Dynojet power Vision Tuning License and Dyno Tune.

Stage 2 Cam it up!:  $940
If you've experienced the Stage 1 power increase and are looking for a big boost in performance, It's time for some performance cams!

Includes the installation of cams (bolt in), push rods, lifters, gaskets, Inner cam bearings, Hi pressure oil spring and seals

(Dyno Tuning is mandatory and additional costs vary depending on your tuner, please check out our tuning page)

Stage 3 Big Bore with Cam upgrade: $2250 TDG offers several big bore packages to upgrade your Twin cam 88ci to a 98ci, a 96ci or 103ci to a fire breathing 107ci or 110ci.
Includes ,  Head Quarters Black ops lifters, your choice of several performance cams, Inner Cam bearings, full gasket kit, pistons, machining, and an oil change using Spectro Heavy duty 20W50.

(Dyno Tuning mandatory and costs vary depending on your tuner)

Stage 4: $Unlimited! This is the stage when your are ready for it all. Typical builds from the bottom up approach $7500. Call us for a consultation today! 763-633-CYCL (2925)