1. We will only install parts that we order (exceptions may apply per Matt’s discretion).

  2. Shopping lists are used at the grocery store, we will not make you one for your bike. If you want a “shop around” list for your project, you will have to seek information elsewhere.

  3. We are a shop that will go above and beyond for our customers, until you change your estimate 3x.. then you will go above and beyond your estimate total, because you will be charged an additional $100 fee for the time we spent on your changes.

  4. Once we have completed your bike and both parties (Those Dyno Guys and the customer) agree on a pick-up date; you will have a 3 day grace period after said date before being charged an additional $100 storage fee. Please understand our shop isn’t designed to be a storage unit.

  5. We offer FREE pick-up and delivery within a 20 mile radius. A charge of $1.50/per mile after 20 miles will be added to your invoice if applicable.

  6. We will be happy to sponsor charity events. Details required in consideration of the sponsorship. (That includes advertisement in-shop as well).

  7. If you call and leave a message, Matt has received the message. Calling again to see if he got your message is not necessary.